We at WCC we expect to do all the work, from the time we receive your order to the time it's brought to our local post office for shipping. We don't expect you to size, crop, color correct, save and then spend an hour or more dragging n dropping your images into a generic template, pay us way too much money, for us to then outsource to China for them to press n ship your case which will take anywhere from 9 to 35 days for you to receive, only to see the heads of your loved ones cut off or missing entirely due to the phones camera lens. Believe me, we've heard the horror stories, a lot of our valued clients have come over from the other guy.

With us you will choose a layout from our website, upload your images as they are, enter any text if you'd like and enter any special instruction for our guru (which is me), pay half the price that you'd pay with the other guy and get samples of your case within 24 hrs for your approval or changes. Once you approve, your case is shipped.

For us, as soon as your order is placed, our work begins. I start by editing your images to create your case, see more on that at Perfecting It Means and following any instruction you may have given. Once I have a good design, I email you a sample. From there it's all about communication, changes, specifics, additions until approval is met. Then I press it, your case then goes through quality control (which is Steph and Amber) at which point I either redo or it's good, then it's packaged (usually by me, sometimes Steph) and taken to our local post office (usually by Steph, sometimes Amber). That's what goes into being a full service case design shop. 

Creating for you, a one of a kind phone case, the West Coast Case.

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